Academic life is flourishing at College. Our teachers have a deep enthusiasm for their subjects and are committed to providing high-quality teaching which develops intellectually curious, self-motivated, enthusiastic young women with an enduring love of learning.

A benefit of being a large school is that girls can choose many subject areas, building a personalised timetable, and discussing options and alternatives with their tutors, who work closely with them in helping them make the right choices. Classes are small, and girls are encouraged to take an active part in lessons, challenging, debating and developing their point of view.

Until the age of 16, we encourage girls to pursue a modern, broad and varied curriculum. The Department pages provide details of the courses followed. In Lower College, as well studying more traditional subjects, girls have lessons in Philosophical Enquiry, Engineering, Enterprise and Technology and Language Acquisition: the latter enabling them to pursue a diverse modern and classical language curriculum. Most girls will take 10 GCSE subjects, including Mathematics, English Language and Literature. A minimum of two separate Sciences and one Modern Language is recommended. In the Sixth Form girls can opt to study the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme or A Levels.

Those who follow the A Level route can take up to four A Level subjects as a linear course, over the two years. Examinations in all subjects are taken at the end of the second year. For some girls, the optimum number will be three A Levels or three A Levels and one stand-alone AS Level. This combination may provide more time to pursue other academic and co-curricular interests. Many girls undertake the Extended Project Qualification, which enables independent study in an area of personal interest. 

IB girls must choose six subjects from distinct curriculum areas, three at higher and three at standard level. They also study a core programme comprised of three elements: Theory of Knowledge, an Extended Essay and Creativity Activity and Service.

Under the direction of the Principal, the Vice Principal Academic and Departmental Heads, much care and attention is devoted to proper planning and resourcing of all our academic facilities. Regular, constructive feedback between teacher and pupil, in all aspects of work and play, is at the heart of our success in allowing each girl to realise her true potential.